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Los Angeles – Willhoit Auto Restauration

On our recent trip to Los Angeles...

…we stopped by our friend and renowned Porsche 356 guru John Willhoit of Willhoit Auto Restauration.

Porsche 356 Specialist

Exhaust Systems

The reason for our visit was to catch up on things in general, chat about the market regarding exhaust systems for the 356 and, of course, marvel at the projects John and his crew are currently working on.

We got to see a bunch of impeccably restored cars being finished and some soon-to-be impeccably restored ones in different stages of the process.

356 Exhaust

Also, we were fascinated by the engine assembly area that was packed with Willhoit’s proprietary 2.2L type 616 pushrod engines as well as a couple of meticulously rebuilt Carrera four-cam engines.

The Workshop

It didn’t take long until we got ideas for exciting new products bouncing around, so stay tuned for news on the development of potential signature products from Willhoit Auto Restoration by SSI.
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