Stainless Steel Innovations by JP Group Automotive

PORSCHE 911 Carrera
MY 1984-1989

Optimized performance for stock and modified Carrera 3.2 Engines

BOlt-On Performance

The idea of the Carrera 3.2 Plus exhaust system was, like many good ideas, born over a cup of coffee. When Martin Pedersen of JP Group and Matthias Hoeing of Hoeing Autosport were done discussing dyno results of the newly developed 41mm SSI heat exchangers, they both stared into their coffee mugs and a number of „what if…“ questions emerged…

„What if we made an SSI exhaust system just for the Carrera 3.2? What if the heat exchangers came with a crossover heater pipe that connects seamlessly to the factory Carrera 3.2 heater air ducting? What if this exhaust worked well with the original spec C3.2 engine AND with C3.2 engines modified for performance? What if the user could choose between a version with catalytic converters and one without?“

The SSI Ethos

So, honoring the ethos of SSI founder John Daniels, Martin and Matthias went to work. The two, along with the highly skilled team of craftsmen and technicians at the SSI headquarter in Viborg, Denmark, the input of some industry veterans, and rigorous dyno testing, answered the „what if…“ questions and brought the vision to life. Right now, Martin and Matthias are working on obtaining the TÜV stamp of approval, so please stay tuned for the glorious song that is soon to come from your Carrera 3.2

Hoeing C3.2 Plus exhaust system

„doing it the right way“

Matthias has been building Porsche engines and servicing Porsche race- and sports cars for over 25 years. In the American Porsche scene, Matthias is a well-known name, ever since he has looked after the engines of the race cars for Porsche Motorsport North America in the 2000s and worked closely with well-known collectors, like Magnus Walker and others.

His experience includes building Porsche 993 GT2 race engines, manufacturing prototype components for the Bugatti Veyron, manufacturing engine parts for Arrows F1, and building and testing Porsche 996 and 997 RSR and Cup engines. Matthias is obsessed with the top-level motorsports ethos of „doing it the right way“, and he now focuses primarily on utilizing his expertise and worldwide network in order to find and market exceptional automobiles for his clients.

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