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A visit to DP Motorsport

Overath, germany

During our stay in Essen for the Techno Classica, we took advantage of the proximity to Cologne to visit DP Motorsport to get updated on the projects that Patrick Zimmermann and his team are working on.

The Porsche 935 Specialist

Exhaust Systems

So on Friday morning, accompanied by Magnus Walker and Matthias Hoeing, we set off to the hallowed grounds of DP Motorsport in Overath near Cologne. When we got there, Patrick gave us the tour of the workshop. We learned a lot about the 935 K3, with one example being in the final stages of restoration. We were able to admire several road going 935 DP1 and DP2 and one of the popular DP 964 Classic backdates.

944 Cargo

One of our absolute highlights in the history of DP Motorsport is the 944 Cargo, a 944 that was converted into a station wagon in the 1980s, and now – we were delighted to see for ourselves – a second example is currently being built. 

The Workshop

When creative minds meet, it usually doesn’t take long for a lively exchange of ideas to begin, and that’s exactly what happened between Magnus and Patrick here. Unfortunately we can’t reveal any details, but the two of them were engrossed in the topic of 935. We can hardly wait to see if anything comes of this…

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